Is Life Coaching A Therapy?

Life coaching may be similar to therapy or counseling, but there is a profound distinction between these two. Here are some of the relevant differences:

-People who goes to a therapist or a counselor, have problems that they want solved. A person who goes to a life coach has goals or dreams that he/she wants to achieve.

-Therapy is more about resolving the past. Life coaching is more about dealing with the present and the future.

-A therapist helps people with mental illness or dysfunctions while a life coach will help able people become even more successful.

There may be distinctions but there are also a few exceptions. There are some similarities, too, like the solution focused therapy. This method intends to provide the client with a big picture on how to deal with the present and the future, just like with life coaching.

When Do You Need A Life Coach?

If you ever had big dreams but do not know how to get to them, then a life coach is just what you need. A life coach is helpful even for simple personal goals such as sticking to your fitness routine or to your vegetarian diet. Here are other things that a life coach can help you:

1. Shifting to a career that is geared more to your passion and strengths,
2. Finding a life partner,
3. Looking for a better job,
4. Achieving balance between work and life,
5. Making transitions in life
6. Improving relationships,
7. Organizing life,
8. Overcoming fear,
9. Gaining confidence, or
10. Enjoying life and worrying less.

We may be the experts of our lives. We know more about who we are, what we want and where we are headed. But sometimes, even we, the expert, do not recognize what it is that is best for us. We should be able to acknowledge the need for a professional life coach. They are the better experts. They will help you discover that you can be the best that you have always dreamed of. But life coaching will only have powerful and successful results if these three (3) factors are present:

– An intent desire to be able to develop your potential to the fullest;

– A big gap between your current status, where you are, and your intended future, where you want to be; and

– You are willing to cooperate and take action and ready to take responsibility with the results that you are going to achieve.

So don’t just dream, because you can truly have a more fulfilling, better and richer life if you seek the help of a life coach!

Post written by Kathleen Martin, Master Certified Coach and CEO of National Coach Academy for life coaches. Her blog has helped thousands of prospective coaches reach their dreams of becoming life coaches and her eBook has sold thousands of copies in just 3 years. She can be reached at

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